Class Day: Our last day as highschoolers..mass and all!!

Graduation: Graduating..highschool...tear...

Graduation Parties:
~ Anna's
~ Others

England: 28 Feehan Students on a romp through the English countryside...splendid!!!

New York: Pictures from my Cousin Danny's Wedding July 2003.

Purgatory Chasm: Me and Dave spending the day at the famed Purgatory Chasm... climbing, hiking, having fun!! (see dave's pictures also...)

Roger Williams Zoo: A day at Roger Williams was a blast!!! (See Dave's zoo pics and paddleboat pics too!!) UPDATED!! (Michelle has shown me that animals have feelings too!!!)

Water Fire: My last night at home..spent w/ Dave in Providence watching the water fire...sad but the memories will last a lifetime

Moving: My trip moving down to GWU..the rented constipated old neighborhood in room and my roomates Annie and Courtney!!

Jason Mraz and Guster Concert: Some pics from the concert on labor day...soo much fun and the music rocked :)

GWU: Campus and Dorm pics: Pictures from walking around campus, of Molly, and my hall!!

Out in ISABEL!!!!!!!: Courtney, Annie, Blair and myself out during Isabel's eye!!!

Matchmaker Pics: Pictures from Jess is in the Macthmaker at Feehan.

Marching Band: Finals along with other random Marching Band pics from the 2003 season.

ARUBA: Fun times in the sun and surf of Aruba over winter break with the family :)

Engineering Ball: Couple of pics from the engineering ball..missed you dave but fun with the girls

Spring Break 2004: Gotta Love Snow on your Spring Break haha

Once Upon a Mattress: Jess' wonderful play :)

Jess Prom: Pretty Pics of Jess and Eric...Barbie princess !!

Jess and Eric Visit: Great weekend!!! Lots of great pictures of sites...jess and eric..and my engineering girls :)

Cristy and Johns Wedding: Everyone looks so really was a great day :)

Annie and Joe Weekend: Fourth of July weekend with Annie and Joe :)

Day with Cousins and Aunts in Connecticut: Was GREAT seeing everyone!

North Carolina: Lots of pics from my two weeks in North Carolina which was WONDERFUL!!

Notre Dame: The first of hopefully many weekends with my girls from highschool...hopefully more pictures of us once I get everyones pics from the weekend...right now alot of the Band (lol once a band geek always a band geek).

Homecoming Weekend: Great time both at Brown for a while with Dave and at home with the family and the puppies!

Inaugural Weekend: Pictures from the Inaugural Ball (sooo much fun) and other assorted ones from a great weekend!!!

International Mission to CHINA 2005:

I split these up by city becuase there are so many. Enjoy :)

Beijing Part 1



On The Boat

Three Gorges/Yichang

Beijing Part 2

San Francisco: My 4th with Dave! This is linked to Dave's page.

Weekend with Annie: Didn't take many pictures but theres a couple and it was loads of fun!

Summer 2005: Random pictures from work and vacation