BFHS Marching Band and Guard - 2003 Season
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Bam Bam
Bam Bam.jpg
Bam Bam 2
Bam Bam 2.jpg
Colorguard girls w-o jess
Colorguard girls w-o jess.jpg
Finals Performance
Finals Performance.jpg
Finals Performance 2
Finals Performance 2.jpg
Finals Performance Beginning
Finals Performance Beginning.jpg
Full band
Full band.jpg
Full band 2
Full band 2.jpg
Getting Trophies
Getting Trophies.jpg
Jess & Jeff
Jess & Jeff.jpg
Jess & Jeff 2
Jess & Jeff 2.jpg
Jess Salute
Jess Salute.jpg
Jess Salute 2
Jess Salute 2.jpg
Kevin & Nate
Kevin & Nate.jpg