Well I have what seems like a fairly long winter break, so besides spending time relaxing (which I plan to do a great deal), I have several projects in the works. Most of them are programming-related. There are also some ongoing things I'm working on, although most of those I've lumped into the "winter projects" section because I want to get a bunch of them done in these five weeks or so I have.

Current programming projects

  • Listener: a C++ class encapsulating the functionality of a read-eval-print loop.
  •  Schemette: A project (almost) entirely of my own design. So much so that it has its own page.

Winter projects

New programming-related stuff

  • lm_sensors: This is a Linux tool used for monitoring CPU temperature, fan speeds, etc. inside your computer. I'd really love to get this installed on my linux system, because I know my processor gets really hot. In Windows, I can monitor it and even cool it using software that came with the motherboard, for on Linux I haven't got any such thing yet.
    Update: Actually got this done. Took me two days, and I royally destroyed my BIOS a few times, but I can now check my CPU temp in Linux.
  • The Brown Star: I've been working on this online magazine for a while, but there's a ton more I'd like to get done over break. A lot of it is dull backend stuff you wouldn't want to hear about, but there is some interesting stuff coming...
  • Critical Review: A group of Brown students each semester compile data and publish this magazine, both online and in print, rating professors and courses taught that semester. My goal is to automate the publishing of the hard-copy book.
  • Schemette: A project (almost) entirely of my own design. So much so that it has its own page.

Rekindling old interests

  • Keyboard: I used to play piano, and I'm thinking I really want to pick it up again. Oh, how I wish I could play as easily as I see others play...
  • HAM (amateur) radio: I haven't used this in a while, although my license is good for another 8 years or so. Maybe I can find some time to pick this up again.

Movies to see/stuff to do

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