General Tips and Information

Miscellaneous and pseudo-randomly organized information about maintaining your computer. This page, like the rest of the site, should be applicable to most systems, especially Windows and Linux based machines, but geared slightly more towards Windows.

Exploring your computer

There are two important ways to learn new information about computers: read the manual, and explore. I learn more from the latter, but be careful! You don't want to make permanent changes to things that will crash your computer! Although this isn't very likely, it's possible. A better approach is to experiment with features after having read an overview (in the manual) about what they do. That way, you have a general idea what's going on.

Don't underestimate the importance of the manual. Everybody hates it (well, most people I know), but well-documented software is documented for a reason. Very often the answers to your questions can be found in online help. In windows, try the Help menu -> Index. In linux, try man <command> at the shell.

Sections I Have Yet To Write

Using internet search engines

Here I will include information on how to build good search queries (coming soon)

Installing software

Here I will include information on my personal policy on installing software, and how to be careful about what you install. You shouldn't install just anything that seems cool at the time! Think: Will you use this?

Uninstall software

Uninstalling software you don't use.

Upgrading software

Is very often a bad idea.

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