A simple tool for a simple idea

Current version: 0.06.01
Date: 2003-08-02
Author: Dave Pacheco
Current address:

Basically, I wrote this so that people I know (mostly seniors in high school) could keep track of where their friends are going to school and how to keep in touch with them. It's fairly simple. You simply add a new person (and their college, if it's not already in the database). Then using the newly created userid, you can view all the people in that person's class, where they're going to school, and how to contact them (as much info as they provided when they signed up). With the password, you can also edit your own record.

Though it was originally my idea (admittedly not terribly original anyway), I had help from Courtney Moore and Andrea Santoro in designing the project, so thanks to them. Ryan Bastic also contributed to the coding.

Revision history

0.06.01 (2003-07-26)

0.06 (2003-07-22)

0.05.1 (2003-07-20)

0.05 (2003-07-09)

0.04 (2003-05-18)

0.03 (2003-05-09)

0.02 (2003-05-06)

Last updated: 2003-08-02