Here is my new home on the web. Welcome to Phoenix Web. Here are the links currently setup:

On Phoenix Web

  • Projects - various things I'm working on
  • Computing Info - general information on computer and internet security for the average person, as well as troubleshooting tips.
  • Poetry Worth Reading - self-explanatory.
  • Dave's Programming World (see below until it's live here)
  • CollegeConnections - my not-so-latest perl creation
  • Photos - as I take more photos with my digital camera, and (more importantly) find more time to update this web site, I will add to this collection.
  • Wolf's Den - Courtney's personal site, with photos and more


My other websites, some of which will be moved here eventually:

Other general sites across the web:

  • Thinkarete: a site with a guide to wisdom, through inspirational teachers and a wonderful library of quotations in all sorts of categories. Interestingly enough, I have yet to find the commercial part of this "company's" site...

I expect to be adding new things here as time progresses. Check back for future updates.

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